The connection that is happening in between the record player and the amplifier is called the phono stage. This phono stage in other terms said to be as phono pre-amp. Because
of working an integrated amplifier with phono, stage will be a challenging job.


Phono stage

This phono stage will have a direct connection to the turntable. Add the initial stage renal played a major role in this phono stage.

In the latter purpose, this phono stage was removed by removing the amplifiers because there was no use of it.

Amplifier to work with phono stage

To increase the level of the amplifier you need to connect this phono stage along with the turntable. You can connect this through a interconnect cable that can be available in any market.

Making use of this phono stage will provide you with good clarity and the resolution among all the vinyl recordings. This phono stage can produce an alarm sound with the vinyl without causing any bad sound effects.


When you connect them to the turntable this will give you out only a small size of the volume that can be increased by this for a new stage and the amplifier in it will enhance the sound to get increased and you can find a lot of clarity in it while making use of them.

The phono stage and integrated amp do not have more difference only the connection between them plays an important role. The integrator amplifier can work well with the phono stage but only when it is connected in the right way.

Bottom line

This is how an integrated amplifier will work with the phono stage. You need to follow some of the methods to have time for the reason that you are expecting to happen.