The article informs you the constructional functions of air cooler, the controls such a cooler has, the benefits and drawbacks of such coolers. Such coolers are different from the overload coolers and article will explain disadvantages of air cooler.

Small Size Evaporative Coolers

Air coolers that are Moveable are evaporative air cooler with a toss of 8 to 10 feet. In some nations, the coolers have been developed with a toss of approximately 30 feet; however such coolers suffer a significant drawback of being really loud since they have air blowers in them as the moving machine for air motion.

Constructional Functions of Personal Coolers

Constructional functions of personal coolers resemble the overload coolers. There is a container waiting, the air fan, the water pump, the container for water and the controls of the air cooler.

Whatever here is light-weight for simple mobility? The water holding capability of the cooler is smaller sized. It may be enough for 8 to 15 hours depending upon the humidity of the environment.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks that I found in air cooler.

Air cooler side effects

– An air cooler consists of fans and blowers so it tends to make sounds all the time and mainly when on high fan speed level.

– It increases the humidity level which is undesirable for health particularly negative result on skin and eye.

– It is produced hot and dry weather condition so it needs special attention in a damp environment.

– A cross-ventilated room is needed for it to work much better.

– It cannot deliver cold air as an air conditioner.

Since Evaporative Cooling Systems increase the level of humidity inside houses, do not use them in areas of damp environments.

When compared to the conventional A/C systems, Evaporative Coolers cool off your home to greater temperature levels. They need fundamental maintenance at least once every month. What is the influence working air cooler on health?

Portable air coolers are developed to use water constantly. In the areas having restricted supply of water, house owners may be cautious of including the cooler considering their water-use effect.

Overload Coolers work utilizing this principle. These coolers cool the outside air by letting it circulation over water drenched pads. This, in turn, triggers water in the pads to vaporize in the cooled air.

The cooler air which reaches temperature levels of in between 15 ° F – 40 ° F is then directed into your home. The warmer air, on the other hand, is pressed outside through the windows.