I’m frequently asked do you need to let your laptop battery die before charging them. Early laptop computers used NiCad batteries which went through a “memory result”.

If NiCad’s weren’t enabled to release all the way before being charged they would ultimately “keep in mind” the level of charge they was up to before charging and act as if they were entirely drained pipes each time their charge reduced to that level.

This memory result decreased the beneficial life of a charge drastically, needing the purchase of a new battery long before it ought to have reached completion of its beneficial life.

If you still have a laptop that uses a nickel-cadmium battery you must let it discharge entirely before enabling it to charge.

Thankfully, there is really couple of NiCad batteries powering laptop computers nowadays, so for the majority of people this will not be a problem.

Tips and tricks for your laptop battery

The next generation of laptop computers used Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries. Those batteries normally were an enhancement over NiCad’s, mostly because they didn’t have the memory impact problem.

The huge bulk of laptop computers available today use Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries which last longer and work better than their NiMH and NiCad.

Like its predecessors batteries, Li-Ion batteries aren’t prone to the memory result which suggests you can charge them at any time. Li-Ionwill last longer if you never enable them to totally release.

Another benefit of lithium-ion batteries over the others is how they hold their charge when the battery isn’t in use.

The older batteries start losing their charge instantly after being complemented, even if the laptop is shut off and not being used.

Lithium-ion batteries on the other hand will hold their charge for months with just a really minor drop in charge level after charging full laptop battery.

If your laptop uses a Li-Ion battery you do not need to let it release all the way before you charge it. It’ll last longer if you do not.

To find out which kind of battery your laptop uses, just remove it from the laptop and have a look at the label. The battery type will be printed on it.

If you have among the fairly couple of laptop computers that do not have a simple way to access the battery, merely Google the brand and model number and inspect the specifications.

Choosing the best battery is very important. This will help you in extended life and saving your hard earned money.